The Iberian acorn ham is a high quality product obtained from the hind legs of pigs in a race originally from the Iberian peninsula and fed on acorns and grasses (fruits of oak, oak and other trees in the same genus), in salted raw and cured or dried in a natural way.

      The Iberian acorn ham is more than a gourmet product, is a delicatessen with countless virtues. Besides to be a pleasure for our palate, it acts beneficially on our health.

      The Iberian acorn ham, including fat and marbling of fat adjacent on the slice, has an energy value of 291 kcal/100 g for an Iberian acorn ham. Regarding the profile of fatty acids, is rich on monounsaturated fatty acids, including the oleic acid and is well suited to what the latest dietary recommendations regarded as a healthy fat, since it has a beneficial effects on the blood vessel reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and livers.


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