Extremadura, with nearly one million hectares of Dehesa (open range), has the highest core ecosystem, ideal habitat for the development of the Iberian pig, which is also the first producer. The Iberian pig is unique in the world, because their muscles and under the skin occur infiltration of unsaturated fat, and their food is basically acorns of oaks and cork trees and grasses of the range of Extremadura, where pork are free range.

      The pigs enter into the "open range", where pigs are marked, in October, and fields freely through the meadows until the months of January or February. Finally, to get the true Iberian ham slaughter takes place between months of January to March.

      By choosing Iberian acorn products, as well as enjoy a healthy food, is working in environmental conservation, helping to protect the last redoubts of Mediterranean forests, wooded pastures, a paradise natural habitat of the Iberian pig. Indeed, given the medicinal qualities of the product in question and given its boom in recent years, the pastures have multiplied and repopulated as a result of increased Iberian pig-rearing.

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